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Back to break-ups we go!  But this one is bitter/sweet.  This song is about looking back at a failing relationship.  How when the sun is up the day is good but the love airs away at night only to return in the morning.  A vicious cycle many of us go through.  We keep trying to make it work but it only gets worse.  A love that just won’t work, but will never be forgotten.  

"Musically this song is a masterpiece of musicianship.  Most of the album is, and that's the side affect of keeping company with hidden geniuses.  The swells, guitar, vocals, all come together in harmony.  The rhythm is unique, especially through the chorus section where guitar and vocals dance an awkward waltz.  It took time for me to learn my own song.  To be able to sing and play it comfortably at the same time."   

- Robert Ocean


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