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This is a song about that feeling when you first meet someone you are attracted and that certain nervousness and excitement you go through when getting to know someone and learning about each other.  For me, as things progress that initial nervousness shifts to; does she love me?  Do I love her?  Is this for real?  It almost seems as though the first one to say “I Love You” is the weaker one, which is totally ridiculous but this is the brain working against you.  This song is that moment of hesitation, apprehensions before that moment of the first “I love you”.  This song is about letting go of the fear and being brave enough to create new memories. 

"For me. this song comes to life with Mel's backup vocals.  I feel she brings that element to this song of letting go, and letting new love into your life.  Melanie is a new member and brings a whole new dynamic that the band has never seen and this song is the beginning of that new shape."

- Robert Ocean

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