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This is a song for all the people of the Earth.  This is our Planet Earth Anthem.  A song of awareness of our actions and the impact human beings have had on this world.  From plastic polluting our rivers and oceans, millions of tires dumped in the ocean, nuclear testing, decimation of our rain forests, the building of concrete jungles blocking water from penetrating the ground, thus creating way larger stroms from the seas, oil spills in our seas, to over fishing and wiping our entire species.  It is truly sad.

The truth is, we do make an impact on this Earth and we have been for many years.  I wrote this song to make people aware of what we have done and are continuing to do.  This song is meant for positive change.  It isn't too late, but we must not waste anynore time dragging our feet on the state of our planet and the life that thrives within it. 


Hope you enjoy this song and it brings you some positive inspiration!


- Rob Ocean