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I am very proud to be a father and I think a lot of other folks out there are proud parents as wellI love children and I really wanted to write a fun song for parents and children to enjoyA song about childhood and the innocence of playAll of us can relate to this song. 

This song musically really came together in the studio.  It was lyrically prepared long before recording the song but the magic of the other band members is what really gave this song the life it has this day.  All the back up vocals and drums, bass, swells, etc. came from the spur of the moment ideas from everyone right there in the studio.

"That's one of my favorite tactics when bringing in other artists to work on a project with me.  I totally throw them on the spot and say okay go, and then make them do way more than planned.  Sometimes friends aren't even expecting to play and there I am pushing them into the vocal booth, or sound room to lay out tracks they are totally unprepared for.  The pressure is what makes greatness."  -  Robert Ocean

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