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     This instrumental song was written with a 6 string acoustic guitar over several years.  The intro I had as a riff on its own that I would warm up with.  I came up with the riff originally for my father because he loved musicians like Robert Michaels and Jesse Cook, and soon came to love that style of music.

     There are multiple stories of Leviathan dating back thousands of years and various cultures have their versions of Leviathan.  The easiest way to say it is that Leviathan is a giant, powerful, sea creature.  No matter which culture or religion you loo at the same comparison comes time and time again.

     As the song progresses, the darker side of the melody comes to life with some heavy guitar and military like drums pounding the beat.  This build up of energy in the song is the battle between Thor and Leviathan and when it trails off in a final build up of energy, the fight is over and the acoustic guitar picks up and calmy takes Thor back to shore.

     This style of instrumental is the Robert Ocean Bands' signature on every album the produce.  Leviathan will captivate the soul so let it take you on a mythical battle fought many years before our time.  Re-live the tale of LEVIATHAN.


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