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Here we are, to finish off the album with, hold on...wait for it...LOVE!  This song is about two people that meet that a very connected At first, they thought it could be love, or maybe just infatuation, or then maybe just friends Whatever it was it was not meant to be, at least not in this time.  But there is something very ancient there that will forever remain and therefore keep them connected in a spiritual way Like a bind between brother and sister from many lifetimes ago In other words, a “Twin Soul”.  

 This is a sadder side of love songs for sure.  It's that love you can't ignore but also can't make it work no matter how many times you go back to try.  I think we may have all been here at some point in our lives... the break-up that keeps you coming back for more.  This song is also the very first song I played piano on.  That inspiration came from my mother one day talking to me in the studio while I was recording, she said; " How come you never play piano in any of your songs?  I put you in years of piano lessons and still no song with a piano."  So mom, this one is for you!  Well, at least the piano part.

So, for those who have a love they had to let go, or just couldn't make work, or a love that got cut short due to gods plan, this one is for you.  For those whos' hearts have to wait until the next life to be with their love.

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