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     Here we are, to finish off the album with, hold on...wait for it...LOVE!  This song is about two people that meet that a very connectedAt first, they thought it could be love, or maybe just infatuation, or then maybe just friendsWhatever it was it was not meant to be, at least not in this time.  But there is something very ancient there that will forever remain and therefore keep them connected in a spiritual wayLike a bind between brother and sister from many lifetimes agoIn other words, a “Twin Soul”.  

     When I experienced this it was with my best friend and girlfriend at the time and this is the forbidden love that just can't quite work.  Maybe in some other time and place it would've been perfect but not now, and not here.  This LAST DANCE is the plea for one last chance at that relationship you keep going back to and you just don't know why.  

     It is part of the heart wrenching journey we call life.  But, that is also wat makes it so beautiful.  Part of our journey is pain, and suffering.  But, it's the lessons we take out f it and the beauty we do see and the love we do have and take with us forever.  It may sound like a song written in sadness, but it wasn't.  It was written recognizing the beauty of life and the relationships we are fortunate enough to experience with our little time on Earth.  The understanding of bonds that go deeper than this time and journeys that take us beyond this planet.

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