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This song was written musically by Robert Ocean many years ago but the lyrics only came recently.  It took a nasty, life-changing breakup for the words to appear on paper. 

The music itself is a tricky one to explain.  The song is done in 15/16 timing through the verses and chorus, and then flips to 4/4 during the bridge.  Trying to get other musicians to find this rhythm was tricky to say the least.  The album version of this song turned out great, but this straight acoustic, with lead vocals is breath-taking.  The vocal and guitar work magically together.  Making the bizarre timing of the song seem very "meant-to-be." 

"Hey Man is a powerful new release by Rock group Robert Ocean Band. A slow burning chunk of Alternative Rock, Hey Man drudges through darkness before lighting up in flames. The acoustic guitar serves as a surprisingly solid support for the singing. With the aid of the massive kick drum, it grows into a wave of unstoppable energy. Fans of Robert Ocean Band will likely be drawn to Ocean's commanding vocals. He has a voice like a freight train that rips through everything in its path"

 -  Zachary Larson, Radio Airplay

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