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"HANG ON was written at a time of cross roads for me and the bands I was playing in at the time.  Members had just left both projects, personal life break ups were happening within the band members, and career path choices began to take shape in a different direction than the path of a professional musician leading to some key members leaving the band.

  I was at a place of packing up and moving the music over to Australia.  I thought I could make a good go of the songs I had written and was continuously writing.  I even thought maybe I wouldn’t do music that way at all anymore.  Maybe I’d just become a karaoke star or singer for higher (which I did actually did for a while) but instead a very dear friend to me set me straight. 

She told me that running away wouldn’t change a thing.  No matter what I did that my passion would follow. I could trade one street for another but the heart remains.  My friend pleaded for me to hang on to my dream, hang on to my belief that what I was doing would take me where I was meant to go, hang on to that passion, that drive, and to never give up.  That no matter what it was worth the journey."

- Robert Ocean 


"Opening with a laid-back guitar groove, Hang On by Robert Ocean Band reveals an artistic softness before developing into a catharsis of Alternative Rock energy. The band holds down top notch support for the vocals, while displaying their own knack for killer tone and melody. As with his other output, Robert Ocean's vocals radiate with an inspiring power. He fully commits to the performance and gives listeners a spine chilling delivery. Although completely polished, there is a rawness to Hang On that completely steals the listener's attention. It glances at the troubles that consume us, and encourages us to keep moving forward.  With the release of Hang On, Robert Ocean Band displays a clear command of songwriting that leaves listeners coming back for more."

  -  Zachary Larson, Radio Airplay

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