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"This is a straight up love song written for the woman of my dreams. This is the euphoric part of love. Where attraction meets deep love. A love that can seldom be accurately explained with words so us writers put together some clumsy words and strum some chords and sing with all of our heart. I still feel like there is so much more to say. This song is exactly how I feel about my fiancé and a pray that all of you get to experience this kind of love once in your life. This is my once."

-  Robert Ocean

"Robert Ocean Band has released the new Alternative Rock tune All That I Need. Driven by a moderate acoustic guitar groove, All That I Need finds a heartfelt mood, gives it a Rock edge, and sends it straight into the listener's soul. This is a tune about someone special, and holds nothing back in its delivery or composition. Particularly captivating are Ocean's vocals. He soars powerfully above the music with a tone that is mesmerizing and full of passion. After the awe of the first listen subsides, listeners will still find the chorus playing through their head, easily convincing them to hit the repeat button. Overall, All That I Need is a killer new Acoustic Rock tune that turns listeners of Alternative Rock into fans of Robert Ocean Band."

- Zachary Larson,
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