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Follow and stream us on SPOTIFY!


Hailing from Vancouver, BC, the Robert Ocean Band stands as a beacon of inspiration in the Alternative Rock scene. Established in 2017, the band has evolved, and Robert Ocean, its heart and soul, has undergone multiple transformations, always emerging stronger. 

Recognized for its deep commitment to social causes, the Robert Ocean Band's music isn't just for listening – it's a call to action. From addressing climate change and mental health to plastic pollution, their songs have become anthems of awareness. Beyond just music, the band has formed alliances with volunteer organizations in Africa dedicated to environmental clean-ups. They not only sing about change, but they're also actively participating in it, with initiatives like selling T-shirts to fund these environmental endeavors. 

The Robert Ocean Band is about more than just social change. Their journey has been about music's power to enlighten, unite, and inspire positive growth in humanity. Since their commercial debut in March 2022, they have witnessed nothing but exponential growth, garnering a rapidly expanding audience across platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and beyond. 

The Robert Ocean Band represents more than music; it signifies a movement. Holding steadfast to the notion that music is the gateway, they serve as messengers, illuminating the shadows. Defined by their dedication, authenticity, and purpose, each of their songs transcends melody, delivering a profound message. 

Discover more about the Robert Ocean Band, their mission, and their incredible music by visiting their official website and following their journey on major platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook.