A seasoned talent in Acoustic, Alternative, and Rock, the Robert Ocean Band has been a treat
for listeners since 2009. Inspired by the Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds show, the band
initially consisted of just an Acoustic duo going by the name- FROZEN OCEAN, which later
merged with contemporary sister band, TOXIC SOUP.
As his musical trajectory changed, several key members of the band parted ways, and
eventually the band dwindled down to just the founder- Robert Ocean. Ocean began the solo
journey, and later signed a record deal with Amalien Records who were partnered up with
some renowned names in the US.
     Ocean’s marked his debut release with the label which was called "Mother Earth", and the
artist’s project was rebranded as OCEANS OF ZAHARIA, launched with a brand-new stage name,
new logos, cover art, designs and a stunning line of clothing. However, soon after, Robert
Ocean had to adapt once again, as the record label was sued, and the band’s contract dissolved.
Currently on his own once again, Ocean is back in the studio with even more amazing musicians
to create and share the songs that have been inspired by his life’s colorful and vivid events. The
eclectic artist has since started KRZ Publishing and is busier than ever in the studio working on
the next big song. With his fantastic new partner in vocals, Melanie Felix, Ocean bring a whole
new dynamic to the band's sound, enriching the world of Rock and Alternative.
Going back to the grass roots of it all, Ocean’s band has been renamed, ‘ROBERT OCEAN BAND’,
and armed with the best of the best, the artist is dropping stirring tracks and singles. His newest
album, ‘H2O’ features the artist’s stunning prowess as he covers vocals, rhythm guitar, bass,
piano and lyricism.
     A soul-stirring and captivating album, “H20” features 10 original songs, which are slated for a
global release on March 25th, 2022. “H20” will be preceded by the release of his exciting singles,
“Hang On” on February 25th, 2022, and “Debbie Don’t Know”, which will be unveiled on March
11th , 2022.
     His newest release features the value of love- the good, the bad, the ugly of it all, and marks a
key step in his musical career. The album blends Acoustic and Rock, with a focus on positivity
and optimism through lyrics- a stark contrast from his environment-themed first album. With
his new drop, Ocean hopes that listeners will be reflecting on themselves, as people, and how
they treat each other and the planet we call home.
With a driven mindset to share the true meaning of love with the world, Robert Ocean plans to
keep on writing and training his vocals, with an aim of hitting the world like a level ‘10 soon as they are ready for it!’