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Acoustic versions of the first 2 singles off "H2O."

Robert Ocean Bands' "H2O" ACOUSTIC Collections

Enjoy 2 stripped down acoustic, acoustic tracks from the Robert Ocean Bands' debut commercial album "H2O."  HANG ON was the first release off H2O back in February of 2022 and was originally tracked strictly as an acoustic song and over time other artists came in and tracked various instruments.  

HEY MAN wasn't a single originally off H2O, but through demand from various media outlets, so it was decided to create an acoustic version of this song.  The song is written in 15/16 timing with the bridge switching over to 4/4 timing, which caused major problems for musicians to grasp onto when recording.  And so, the acoustic version seemed to work even better as it showed the vocals and guitar working perfectly together in this bizarrely timed song.  


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